Jul 01, 2019

BASF HP+ Wall Systems

We’re talking about energy a lot.

Efficiency, economy, conservation, code.

Imagine if we could replace 2x6 exterior walls with 2X4, eliminate OSB and plywood sheathing, increase thermal properties and energy efficiency; control air, heat, moisture and vapour, and have no thermal bridging in the entire system.

Imagine telling clients the difference in energy bills. Imagine getting to net-zero energy requirements so much easier. Imagine doing that while reducing your lumber costs.

Crazy, right? Wrong. BASF, the classic innovation giant, has developed just that with their HP+ Wall Systems.

Check out their website here

Basf logo

This is kind of revolutionary stuff that BASF has developed:

  • Neopor®

    Graphic-enhanced rigid thermal foam


    Spray-applied polyurethane that has superior insulation to
    standard batts, but also provides superior strength compared to standard 2X6
    framing, even when applied over 2X4 studs on 24” centers.


    An air and water resilient coating, can be rolled or sprayed, for
    seamless protection above grade.

Basf image
"It's more than just the products and the walls—it goes together in harmony."

The components combine to create wall systems, which come in three different product lines and various assemblies to address whatever challenge you’re facing or goal you’re looking to meet, which we know are many and varied these days – more challenging energy codes, changing and challenging climates or even just gaining competitive advantage.

Save on lumber costs, provide a better barrier, increase energy savings for your client, meet new energy codes as we head towards net-zero and do it all while providing a stronger, more advanced wall envelope for your client.

Super innovative stuff from BASF. It makes us at Fuhrious wonder who’s using it already and what kind of traction it’s getting.

This is certainly something we’re going to be keeping an eye on.

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