Aug 01, 2019

Structural Insulated Panels

Structural insulated panels have changed the game in terms of efficient building techniques and materials,

And they have created new opportunities for builders and home-owners to become much more energy and cost-efficient both during and after construction.

But SIPs are still outside the traditional conversation in home construction – if you go up to most people, and even many builders, and ask them what they think about structural insulated panel systems, you might get a blank stare in response.

So we’ve compiled a quick list of our top four Canadian SIP producers. We’ll outline them for you and if you’re interested in learning more or contacting them in regards to your next build, the links to their websites will be below.

Our top four Canadian SIP producers (this list is not in order of preference or


Ontario-based, Thermapan has been around since 1980, producing SIPs for use in walls, roofs, floors and foundations for both commercial and residential construction in a range of countries and climates. From North America to Japan, Western Europe, the Caribbean, Russia and even the Arctic Circle – given that, it’s a safe bet that their products are durable. They’re also know for being environmentally friendly, easy to install and of course, highly energy efficient. They produce a list of products, which as we mentioned, can be used in roofs, walls, foundations and floors, along with frost-specific products. Thermapan is associated with The Home Builders’ Association and GreenSpec®. Some of their more recognizable clients over the years include Boston Market, St. Alexander’s Church, and St. Catharine’s Public Library. Around for over 25 years with an impressive client list – clearly they’re doing something right.

Find them at

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Structural Panels Inc.

If you build more for industry, or are an industrial production, food or energy business-owner, Structural Panels Inc. might be good for you. SPI produces steel-skinned sandwich panels for walls, partitions, ceilings and value- added projects, which come in a range of thicknesses, colours and fire-resistance levels (1,2 and 3 hours), perfect for clean rooms, controlled temperature rooms or high-wash down areas – think food industry, cannabis production, mining, warehousing and hydro-electric stations.

Their products are varied and technically-specific for client needs, including Rockwall™ fire-rated wall panels, Isowall® insulated wall panels, fiberglass products and a range of accessories.

If you work in industrial construction and are looking for a way to offer something new to offer business people who may be looking to build and develop in their sector, look into Structural Panels Inc. at

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Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel System

2019 Building Excellence Awards Winning Project, Canadian Green Building Award Excellence in Home Design 1 and Sipa Building Excellence Award. Insulspan is a favourite right now for commercial, residential and community builds.

It makes sense because even though Insulspan itself was established in 1990, they’ve actually been producing innovating, energy-efficient building products for over 50 years under their parent company, PFB Corporation.

Insulspan offers a lot of value-added services on ready-to-assemble panels, including drafting, pre-cutting, advisory and install on a range of products: R-plus SIPs (higher R-value in a thinner panel), nailbase panels (for adding insulation to renovations or existing walls/ceilings), all cut to size and precut, excellent for customizing to a build.

Get in touch online:

Prestige Panel Solution Inc.

This Quebec-based company has been around since 2005 and creates SIPs from R- 30 to R-50 built for any wall, floor, ceiling, or roof. They’re conscious of the effect their panels have on the environment, and provide some videos on their website that show how easy panel installation can go.

Excellent for commercial, residential and agricultural building.

Online at

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