General Information for Fuhrious Construction Ltd.

Hours of Work

Fuhrious Construction Ltd. (Fuhrious) standard workweek is forty (40) hours. The standard hours of work each day is between 7:00am and 4:00pm, or such other hours as may be agreed to by Fuhrious Construction Ltd. and you.

Pay Frequency

Fuhrious pays on a semi-monthly cycle. In order to ensure all staff are paid accurately for hours worked it is mandatory that timesheets are complete in full and submitted into the time tracking tool no later than 4pm (PST) on the cut off dates of the 15th and last day of every month. Employee’s payment deposit takes 4 total business days (not including weekend and stat holidays) to process after cut-off date.

SiteMax – Timecards

Statutory Holidays

The firm recognizes all statutory holidays as stipulated in our Statutory Holiday Policy.

Illness or Injury Leave

After 90 consecutive days of employment, the employee is entitled to 3 (three) days of unpaid leave in each employment year, accompanied by reasonable sufficient proof that the employee is entitled to leave. This can be in the form of a written and signed note by a medical professional and must be produced within 15 days of returning to work.

(The Employee Standards Act, Part 6 - Illness or injury leave 49.1 (1) & (2))

COVID-19-related leave - The Employee Standards Act, Part 6 - 52.12.

Download COVID-19 Company Policy

Vacation Entitlement

Vacation entitlement is granted based on years of service and staff level within the organization. As individual staff level increases so does the vacation entitlement. Please see the vacation policy for further details.

Sun Life Group Benefit Plan

Once exhausting the 90-day waiting period, you will be entitled to participate in our Sunlife Group Benefit Plan which includes extended health and, dental care, sickness, accident, and disability insurance for employees. The Employee shall be eligible to join our Employee Group Benefit Plan immediately upon successful completion of the three month probation period and completion of the required forms. Please refer to the SunAdvantage Welcome Guide for registration and how to submit your claims.


The responsibility and costs associated with employee parking remain with the employee. If you require parking on any project site please contact Cory Sim ( or Matt Fuhr ( and the appropriate arrangement will be made.

Training and Trade Membership

Trade memberships in provincial professional organizations, in the province of British Columbia, and additional trade memberships are reviewed on an individual basis. Training and continued education are encouraged, and cost sharing and reimbursement are established on an individual course basis. Should you voluntarily leave employment within the year in which they were incurred; a prorated share of any courses and professional dues paid by the company may be attributed back as a cost and deducted from your final pay.

Human Resources

Company Policies and all employee contracts, reports, and documents will be located on BrightHR within your private company profile. Please review the Employee Handbook in link below for more detail. Please contact Rhea Sjoberg Sim ( to make any adjustments to your documents. For advice or further clarification on any policies please call 1-833-247-3658 or e-mail

Fuhrious Employee Handbook BC

Bright HR Employee User Guide

Note: This summary of Fuhrious’ policies and benefits, outlines the current status of those policies and benefits. Please refer to the Employee Handbook for further details. These policies can change, but not without notice. Any questions or concerns please contact Fuhrious Construction Ltd.