McArthur Glen

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April - January 2019


Richmond, BC

Project Summary

McArthur Glen is Vancouver's first designer outlet shopping destination. The outdoor mall is located near Vancouver International Airport and the impressively design, by Stantec Architecture Ltd, creates a relaxed but luxurious shopping experience. Fuhrious Construction worked with Horizon Landscape Contractors to help construct the large 220,000 square foot area.

Mcarthurglen finished4
Mcarthurglen finished3

The team specifically worked on sign bases and sidewalk form, placement, and finish, as well as footings, drain encasements, and trench drain installations. This was a busy, multi trade site and challenges faced where ones associated with a large operation such as coordination and meeting opening date deadline. It had a successful opening and continues to be a destination for visitors and locals alike.

Mcarthurglen finished2
Mcarthurglen finished
Mcarthur pano dark

Construction Images

Mcarthur concrete
Mcarthur buildings1
Mcarthur buildings wide
Mcarthur buildings center
Mcarthus road
Mcarthur sidewalk3
Mcarthur sidewalk
Mcarthur sidewalk preconcrete
Mcarthur foundation2
Mcarthur foundation
Mcarthur cory2