Stuart Island House

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MRC Total Build




January 2014 to July 2014


Stuart Island

Project Summary

Fuhrious Construction was commissioned along with MRC Total Build to construct two custom buildings, a Pro Shop for a private golf course and the Eagles Nest Spa, for a remote build on Stuart Island, British Columbia.

Stuart island exterior finished

The construction was completed on a Design Build basis, a build method where the drawings were being created and then immediately used on site, and in most cases, that same day. This rapid build process was challenging especially due to the remote location of the job site. Most of the materials had to be flown or barged in to the island, which is located off the coast of Vancouver Island. Despite the difficult nature of the job, the two custom buildings were a success.

Stuart island sidedeck
Stuart island foundation
Stuart island concrete
Stuart island exterior
Stuart island exterior finished
Stuart island deck furniture
Stuart island building
Stuart island frame2
Stuart island frame
Stuart island outside2
Stuart island outside
Stuart island maindecl
Stuart island fisheye
Stuart island2 cropped
Stuart island inside
Stuart island fromwater
Stuart island woodwork
Stuart island rockwork